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Meet The Team

Ben Gibbs

Founder & Director

Ben started his career working at Brooks Auctioneers in the 1990s. Thanks to his love of all things on wheels, he has continued to work in the Classic Car world ever since. In 2003 he started Motion which has grown into a leading design provider for an array of industries, including the world of motoring. In the summer of 2020 he teamed up with Lyle Kirby (an experienced and creative full stack developer) to grow Motion further. A keen cyclist, Ben can be found doing laps of Richmond Park or riding through the Surrey countryside early in the morning. He lives in Hampton with his wife (an entrepreneur coach running art classes) and two daughters… and two cats (both female). Thankfully Ben has a garage where he keeps his BMW motorcycle and ‘a few’ bicycles, and luckily his daughters also love spending time on two wheels!

Lyle Kirby

CTO & Head of Development

Lyle is a Full Stack Developer and Multimedia Designer, with expert knowledge and many years experience. Starting in 2008 Lyle began his journey fresh out of college with a design degree, discovering a passion for all things web and eventually working his way to becoming the Chief Technology Officer for Motion. Unlike Ben, when it comes to cars, Lyle doesn’t know the first difference between a cylinder and a colander, and could easily be found calling roadside help to change a tyre, but when it comes to your website, Lyle is a master mechanic and can service just about any industry with ease. Lyle lives with his wife and fur-baby (Not the same thing) in the Queen’s back yard, Windsor, can’t go anywhere without hot cuppa tea and enjoys spending time in the countryside!

Lara Grobler

Project Manager

Over the last 7 years, Lara has been inspiring the minds of young ones as an educator as well as running her own Tutoring Center. Within those years, Lara has grasped the concept of “Jack-of-all-trades” as she has developed a variety of managerial skills and a deep love for organization. She was born and raised in sunny South Africa, living with her husband and two cats. For the love of order, structure and self-inflicted torture, Lara has joined Motion’s team as an Account & Project Manager.

Theo Sayers

Junior Developer

Upon leaving school, Theo set out for a career in the education sector. After almost a decade of being shouted at by small people, he decided to start being shouted at by people his own size and has enjoyed a variety of different roles since. After being blessed with an abundance of spare time in 2020, Theo decided to take his hobby of web development to the next level and learn the skills needed to become a professional, and as a reward for his hard work he now has the privilege of making the brews as a junior developer at Motion. Theo is a big sports fan, and when he’s not brewing up you’ll likely hear him tell himself that he WILL be able to slam dunk before he’s 30. Keep dreaming, Theo.


Founded in 2003 with an emphasis on enjoying our work and our relationships with our clients, Motion has continued to be a successful, forward thinking design agency. We like to balance our focus on function and precision with a fresh aesthetic outlook and apply this to both the Web and Print sides of our company.


We offer a full website design service along with the ability to build anything you require on the web. Our experienced designers offer clean and functional design solutions, and at Motion we use the latest technology to bring your project to life online.


Something of a speciality for us. If you want a custom built system to run your business in a lean and an efficient way, we have the tools and the knowledge to help. From small to large scale projects, we have off the shelf solutions to offer as well as offering bespoke builds.


Struggling to get traction online? We can help you turbo charge your brand online with targeted online advertising campaigns and intelligent SEO strategies. Driving more traffic to your site is the goal and we have proven results in this field. It really does work!


Book Design has been a passion of ours for a long time. We have produced some very special ‘coffee table’ style books for some very special clients. Great design, efficient project management and a friendly ‘can do’ approach means we are a great choice for your project.


We will be happy to discuss your project and your budget.

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    We are web and print design specialists based in South West London, with clients in the UK, Switzerland and the USA. We can offer a creative solution to most client budgets so please do call us to discuss your project.

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